Pallet Racking Installation and Dismantling

Tennessee Rack’s pallet racking installation and dismantling services can help you relocate, expand or downsize your facility’s storage. Our expert storage service professionals can design, install, maintain, dismantle and buy pallet racks to fulfill your material handling and facility needs.

Our Service Expertise

Tennessee Rack offers excellent service from experienced installers. From rack design and customization to rack dismantling and liquidation, the Tennessee Rack team is dedicated to meeting your needs. Our professionals have the skills, competence and knowledge to complete jobs efficiently and provide you and your staff with the greatest respect. We can work with custom racks we design, racks from another company or existing racks on your work site.

The Tennessee Rack team can move your racks across your building to a separate work site or reconfigure your racks if you need to adjust the beam level for optimized storage space.

Two male workers installing pallet racking in a new warehouse.

Racking Installation

Hiring a professional company to install warehouse racking is essential. Professional installers have the experience necessary to install warehouse racks securely, ensuring your products, equipment and employees are safe from damage and harm. Hiring professionals saves your company money in the long term, as well, because it provides your facility with dependable racks and prevents the need for future replacements or repairs. Professional storage rack installers perform the following tasks:

  • Designing and laying out the storage racks
  • Complying with OSHA guidelines
  • Fitting racks with guards to prevent damage
  • Arranging shelves to handle the appropriate weights

Professionals carefully consider your company’s needs and plan a pallet rack layout accordingly. They then install rack structures and guards while adhering to safety regulations. A professional company will also arrange shelves to handle appropriate weights, ensuring the lower shelves are equipped to hold the heaviest products.

Rack Dismantling

Rack dismantling also requires professional experience. During this process, the dismantlers will take down parts in a particular order. Anyone taking pallet racks apart must consider all parts, including wire decking, accessories, beams and anchors. Following the right order and disassembling parts correctly prevents damage and minimizes downtime.

Trusting a professional team to dismantle your pallet racks is the quickest and safest way to relocate or sell them. Tennessee Rack carefully dismantles pallet racks so that you can reconfigure beam levels or move racks across your building without damage.

Blue warehouse racking parts

Rack Liquidation

Rack liquidation allows you to sell your used pallet racks so that you can upgrade, adjust your layout or downsize. Tennessee Rack offers fair market values for storage racks, so you can receive a return on your original investment. We also handle rack tear-downs and transport under tight deadlines to provide you with a fast and easy liquidation process.

Choose Tennessee Rack for Pallet Rack Services

Tennessee Rack offers expert storage rack installation and dismantling services. Our professional team handles pallet racks with care and adheres to important safety guidelines. We install racks to meet regulations and improve your operations. As pallet rack buyers, we also purchase existing systems and will provide a fair and honest value assessment.

If you are looking for a racking installation company or rack dismantler near Tennessee, contact Tennessee Rack for expert pallet racking services.

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