In-Plant and Modular Buildings

In-Plant and Modular Buildings

Modular Offices or In-plant buildings offer the ultimate versatility when your business needs change. From receiving and warehouse operations to engineering clean rooms, Tenessee Rack's modular offices allow for utilization in any part of a warehouse. Modular offices are highly customizable and cost-effective, and these private areas provide excellent noise and temperature control, allowing staff to conduct meetings and complete tasks in a comfortable, quiet space. Modular structures are also reusable, allowing you to sell a structure when you no longer need it and receive a return on your investment. If you want to sell instead of buy, we also purchase existing pallet rack systems and offer honest and fair value assessments.
Warehouse with a row of empty orange and green selective pallet racking pallet racking

What Are In-Plant Modular Office Buildings?

In-plant buildings or modular offices are constructed with pre-fabricated modular panels and assembled on-site. The following industries and facilities can benefit from these helpful structures:

  • Warehouse storage and fulfillment facilities
  • Sales and service centers
  • Public transit industry
  • Quarries
  • Recycling centers and landfills
  • Government facilities
  • Construction industry
  • Real estate offices
  • Entertainment facilities

Advantages of Having a Modular Plant Office

Adding a modular plant office to your workspace offers the following benefits:

  • Turnkey: We will assemble the modular structures on-site, allowing you to use them soon after they arrive.
  • Easy installation and limited downtime: Our modular plant offices are easy to install, allowing you to quickly add them to your warehouse space and limit production downtime.
  • Warehouse privacy: Modular in-plant offices provide private spaces for you to meet with clients, complete paperwork or talk with employees.
  • Noise control: A modular plant office provides sound control, so you can conduct meetings or complete tasks in a quiet space with minimal distractions.
  • Temperature control: You can install an air-conditioning unit or a heater to maintain a comfortable office space within an in-plant office, which allows employees to work away from a warehouse’s hot or cold temperatures.
  • Security: Modular in-plant offices provide a safe, private space where you can store important documents or confidential files.
  • No warehouse dust or debris: A modular in-plant office provides a space free of dust and debris. This area lets you complete important tasks without needing to wear safety equipment or frequently clean your desk.
  • Reusable, relocatable and reconfigurable: Since modular offices are designed with pre-fabricated panels, you can rearrange and move them easily. This feature is helpful when you need to adjust your warehouse layout or move a structure to a different warehouse.
Green and orange pallet racking ebing stalled by one man in a warehouse.
Two male workers installing pallet racking in a warehouse.

Modular Plant Office Considerations

Before installing a modular office inside your warehouse, consider the following options you can choose from:

  • Number of walls
  • Temperature control
  • Wiring
  • Noise control
  • Doors and windows

Decide whether you need a full four-wall structure or a two- or three-wall structure. It’s also important to determine your necessary soundproofing level and how much temperature control you need. You can also choose the number of doors and windows you desire and whether you need pre-wired wall panels.

Add Tennessee Rack Modular Offices to Your Workspace

Tennessee Rack offers durable and highly customizable modular office structures to help businesses add comfortable, quiet spaces to their facilities. We also purchase structures from companies looking to sell their used modular offices. Request a quote to learn more about your options and customize a modular office for your facility.

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