Warehouse Security Cages

Warehouse Security Cages

When running a warehouse, ensuring the safety and security of inventory is key. Security cages offer a means to store valuable items safely with better protection, ventilation and visibility. Finding suitable security cages for your warehouse is essential.
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What Are Security Cages?

Security cages are complete enclosures made up of multiple partitions. These durable cages are designed for the secure storage of various products or goods in a warehouse. Most security cages are made with wire mesh for improved visibility and adequate airflow.

These wire cages come in various standard sizes and heights, and they’re customizable to suit your requirements. They usually have hinged doors or lockable access points to ensure the items inside are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Warehouse Security Cage Considerations

Warehouse facilities vary in many ways, from how they operate to the inventory they store. When it comes to choosing and installing security cages for your warehouse, it’s crucial to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Materials: Warehouse security cages come in a range of materials. These enclosures are usually constructed with steel for ultimate protection and durability. Aluminum is another common choice that’s more lightweight in comparison to steel.
  • Size: Security cages are available in various sizes with customizable options, which means you can choose suitable dimensions for your facility and needs.
  • Application: It’s important to choose a security cage that’s well-suited for your intended use. If your priority is security, the enclosure you install should feature a key for secure access. You might want security cages for storage specifically. In that case, it’s critical to choose a cage that can accommodate the size and weight of the items you plan to store inside.

The Advantages of a Wire Security Cage

Wire security cages offer a range of benefits in warehouse settings.

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Product Protection

Warehouses are stocked with valuable products, and many are vulnerable to inventory shrinkage from theft. You can significantly improve security with durable cages that feature lockable mechanisms. Security cages provide the necessary protection for the inventory in your warehouse, preventing the theft of valuable items.

Safety Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set safety regulations that warehouses must comply with. These standards include adequate ventilation and the secure storage of potentially harmful products and equipment.

Security cages help with OSHA compliance by storing these items safely and only granting access to employees equipped to handle them. The wire mesh also has gaps that allow for excellent airflow and ventilation.

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Improved Visibility

The wire construction of a security cage offers excellent visibility of warehouse inventory. You and the rest of the staff can view what’s inside the enclosure at all times, making it easier to monitor and protect items. Wire security cages are also good for productivity since the visibility helps eliminate the extra time your staff might spend checking inventory status.


Security cages are a cost-effective alternative to building a new secure room or otherwise expanding your facility to accommodate valuable items. These wire cages help you achieve a similar level of security at a more affordable price. They offer a simple, lasting way to improve your storage security setup.

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