Drive-in Pallet Racking System

Drive-in Pallet Racking System

A drive-in pallet racking system is a cost-effective solution when you need dense pallet organization. Store large volumes of similar products easily, all while maximizing warehouse floor space for various process and storage needs. Drive-in pallet racks will enable you to optimize your storage capacity for smoother operations. Tennessee Rack offers a wide range of in-stock and customizable racking systems to meet your facility's storage needs. Our experienced team will help you determine the best pallet storage system to benefit your operations. We can also purchase your existing rack system when you downgrade or upgrade your pallet flow system.
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What Is a Drive-in Racking System?

A drive-in rack system allows you to store pallets multiple positions deep, loading and retrieving pallets from a single entrance. It relies on pallet racking components such as uprights, top tie beams and pallet support rails to provide the height and depth needed for deep storage.

This pallet flow racking system is highly customizable, enabling you to store pallets as high, wide or deep as your warehouse allows and your operations require. It helps you maximize the square footage in your warehouse, holding as many products as possible while still having room for other essential processes.

Drive-in racks are common in the food and beverage industry, though they can improve operations in any warehouse that utilizes last-in, first-out (LIFO) processes.

Drive-in Racking Consideration

Since this pallet flow racking system utilizes a drive-in method with a single entry point, it works best for products that can be stored LIFO, such as items with long shelf lives.

When designing and implementing a double-deep pallet racking system, you will need to account for:

  • Pallets: Your pallets’ size and weight will determine the type of racking you need. The depth of each pallet land will depend on the number of pallets you need to store and the length of time pallets can be stored.
  • Forklifts: Your racking system’s dimensions will also depend on your forklifts’ widths and heights. The racking system’s maximum height will be determined by the elevation height your forklifts can reach.

Contact our team to speak with a consultant about other vital considerations, such as how to measure pallet racking to fit into your space.

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Advantages of a Drive-in Pallet Racking System

Double-deep pallet racking systems offer several benefits for certain warehouse operations. These systems provide:

  • Maximized space: Drive-in racking allows you to store similar items in a condensed area, freeing up more warehouse space for other processes. This dense storage option enables you to increase the number of pallets and products you can store.
  • Energy efficiency: As pallets are condensed into a deep racking system, forklifts can travel less, encouraging fuel and cost savings. Tightly packing pallets will also reduce the airspace that your facility must heat or cool for temperature-controlled storage.
  • Increased production: Condensing pallet storage saves you time stocking, picking and retrieving, helping speed up production. For LIFO operations, drive-in pallet racking systems can promote a smooth workflow for product movement.

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