Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking or roll-formed racking is the most popular and common pallet storage method. Selective pallet rack or more simply referred to as just “pallet rack” is the easiest way to increase the capacity of any size warehouse, storeroom, or a storage area. Pallet rack is often the base for other storage systems such as push back, drive-in, carton flow, and pallet flow.

Tennessee Rack offers a full range of new and used teardrop pallet rack components most of which can be found in our QuickShip Program ready for will call pickup in Nashville, TN, or shipped to your location.

If you want to sell instead of buy, we are always interested in purchasing existing systems and will provide a fair and honest assessment of value.

What is Selective Pallet Racking?

Selective pallet rack is comprised of three main components in every system, uprights, beams, and wire decking

Uprights are the vertical frames of the pallet rack system. Uprights determine the height and depth of the material handling system. 

Beams are the horizontal supports that connect into the uprights to support the pallets loaded. Pallet rack beams determine the overall length of each bay, the height of the beam also determines the capacity of the beam.

Wire decking lays over the support beams and supports the pallets while keeping the beams from spreading via their waterfall design. 

The most common style of pallet rack is called Teardrop. Teardrop racking connects via a rivet and drops into place and secures with a built-in beam lock. Selective pallet rack is generally the most cost-effective storage option.

Advantages of Selective Pallet Racking

  • Teardrop style is boltless design
  • Direct access to every pallet
  • Customizable to most pallet weights, shapes, and sizes
  • Wide range of lengths and capacities
  • Low Cost
  • Increase storage capacity



When selecting pallet racking as your material handling solution it is important to consider what you will be storing, what handling equipment will be used, and what are the space constraints. Pallet depth will dictate the depth of the upright frame. Pallet width will dictate the length of the pallet rack beam. The forklift lift height will dictate the height of the needed pallet rack upright. All of this and more can be discussed with a qualified sales team member at Tennessee Rack.


It can be overwhelming when deciding on the best storage options for your needs, so let us help!

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