Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Rack is a gravity flow storage system used for pick and pack, carton handling, part storerooms, assembly lines, kitting and distribution centers.

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What is Carton Flow Racking?

Carton Flow can be a standalone unit or integrated into selective rack units with general pallet storage above and carton picking below. This system is designed to increase efficiencies and save on inventory cost by a FIFO inventory management process. Carton Flow allows for SKU organization, front picking of each SKU, and increased speed for the picker.


There are two common styles of carton flow, flexible (bed), and select (lane). 

Flexible carton flow offers maximum flexibility with each level being a full bed of rollers. With its laneless design, it allows for various styles of cartons or boxes to be utilized without lane reconfiguration. This style is most common for operations that handle seasonal products, e-commerce fulfillment, or high SKU turnover. 

Select carton flow uses tracks that are a predetermined width based on the carton or box size. More cost-efficient than the wheel bed style but less efficient. Widths are predetermined based on the carton size. Select carton flow is most useful when an operation has constant sizes of cartons.

Advantages of Carton Flow

  • Increased productivity 
  • Inventory Rotation
  • Optimize Workspace
  • Easy modification for efficiency 
  • Dedicated Stocking and Picking aisles
  • SKU Organization


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