Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racking systems consist of racks with extended arms that safely store long, bulky or awkward items of nearly any length. Unlike typical pallet racking, cantilever systems offer easy access without vertical obstructions. These solutions help streamline efficiency and improve organization for operations across a broad industry range, from furniture companies and pipe supply operations to lumber distributors and home supply centers.

Tennessee Rack supplies a comprehensive range of customizable and stock cantilever racks that meet your facility's requirements. Our experienced staff can work with you to develop the cantilever system that benefits your operation the most. We also offer a buyback program for your existing racking systems when you upgrade or downgrade, whether you bought them from us or someone else.

Blue and orange cantilever racking holding bundles of products in a warehouse.

What Are Cantilever Warehouse Racks?

Cantilever racks can be either free-standing or fixed storage units with horizontal arms extending outward from a vertical upright. The absence of vertical support beams on the ends of the arms enables uninterrupted storage and easy access to oblong, bulky or awkwardly shaped material. These systems are a perfect solution for storing products like steel bars, lumber, furniture, tubing, pipe and other items that require safekeeping off the floor.

Cantilever racking systems offer immediate access to a single piece or a full material load through forklifts and other material handling equipment. Because of their modularity, warehouse managers can quickly add components to change the system’s functionality.

Cantilever Racking System Components

A high-performance cantilever racking system usually consists of uprights, a base, arms and brace sets. These components work together to create an ideal storage area for your long or odd-shaped products. You can easily configure a cantilever system to accommodate the dimensions of your materials and adjust the design layout whenever your storage needs change.


The uprights on a cantilever rack — often referred to as towers or columns — establish the system’s overall height and provide the primary structural foundation. These uprights can range from 6 feet to over 20 feet high. A basic rack system requires a minimum of two uprights.

Depending on the system design, uprights can be either single or double-sided. Single-sided uprights often situate against a wall to provide access from one side of the rack, while double-sided uprights are free-standing and can offer access from either side of the system. Punches in 3-inch increments throughout the uprights deliver multiple positioning point options for the arms.


Cantilever rack bases are the main stability components of the rack system. They attach to the upright’s bottom and anchor the entire rack. The length of the arm and the number of usable sides typically dictate the base’s overall size.


The cantilever arms are the most critical part of the system because they dictate the maximum storage capacity. These arms are the system’s horizontal components, attaching to the uprights and providing the primary support for the product load. They are available in various lengths up to five feet long. Choosing the correct arm length is vital for the sizes and weights of the product types a facility stores.

Brace Sets

The brace sets are the horizontal components bolted between the uprights that create the cantilevered bay. They provide lateral stability for the system by preventing swaying or bulging between the columns. Braces come in sets with various size pieces based on the rack system’s design and the capacity requirements of the items you store.

Tennessee Rack also offers various accessories to protect the core components of your cantilever system, including rack guards and column protectors.

Warehouse with a row of empty orange and green selective pallet racking pallet racking

Cantilever Racking Considerations

Because cantilever racks are much different than standard pallet racks, business owners and warehouse managers must consider several critical factors before purchasing a system. Although they can accommodate heavier loads and oblong objects, cantilever systems are sometimes more expensive. In addition, workers must be aware of the strict capacity requirements, as unsafe use can lead to severe safety hazards. At Tennessee Rack, we can help you analyze the items you store to develop the optimal system for your needs.

Some of the factors we consider include the following:

  • Whether you need a single or double-sided system
  • The sizes and weights of the products you store
  • The maximum system height you need
  • The number of arms needed to prevent load deflection
  • The arm length needed to accommodate your largest items
  • Whether you require straight or tilted arms

Benefits of Cantilever Pallet Racking

Several of the primary benefits you’ll experience when installing our cantilever rack systems are:

  • Simple configuration: Cantilever designs allow users to easily add or remove uprights and arms to create the optimal storage layout for different sizes and shapes.
  • Space savings: Cantilever racks maximize vertical and horizontal space to optimize your operation’s space efficiency. They are also less constrictive than standard pallet rack designs.
  • Improved organization: Cantilever racks improve product visibility and increase handling efficiencies through faster retrieval and storage times. Storing fast-moving products on the lower levels and placing infrequently used items on the higher levels maximizes production even more.
  • Easy access: The wide open front design of cantilever racks offers quick and easy access to forklifts and other material handling equipment.
  • Versatility: Cantilever designs work well for indoor or outdoor use and serve a broad range of industry applications.
  • Durability: At Tennessee Rack, our cantilever systems are made using premium materials that deliver many years of reliable use.
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